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William Anderson
Founder, Instructor
William has been in the salon industry for 35 years and counting. Before founding the Atelier Academy, he made a name for himself as a colorist in the Twin Cities, as he has colored an estimated 200,000+ heads. He’s also the founder and owner of Lili Salon Spa Galleria.
Felicia has been in the cosmetology industry for 8+ years and offers a wealth of knowledge to our students. She maintains her manager’s and instructor’s license to do what she loves best. She enjoys sharing his passion for education - with an emphasis in eyelash extensions. Her patience and detailed delivery of information provides students with the “whys” and “hows” for each specific skill.  
Alicia Helling
A master nail artist for over 19+ years, Alicia enjoys sharing her tips, tricks and insight on providing exceptional guest experiences. Students will learn how to run a savvy business while finding time to do the things they enjoy outside service providing. Alicia is an avid volunteer for National MS Society and devoted cat mom.
Kelli Meschke
An industry professional for 10+ years, Kelli's level of detail offers the insight for students learning about the education process and what life is like behind the chair! Kelli enjoys her time meeting prospective students for a tour, sharing about our many programs and encouraging students to find their best fit for their career pursuits!
Michelle Poirier
Academy Director, Admissions
As our school director, Michelle brings years of experience in all the operational sides of the beauty industry from salon ownership and management, administration, education and much, much more!
Jessica Solie
Jessica utilizes all the licenses the Board of Cosmetology has to offer in Minnesota – including an esthetician, cosmetology, instructors and manager’s license. She even is a Certified Massage Therapist! It all began with a PSEO Cosmetology program in high school where she fell in love with everything beauty. Her insights for our students at Atelier provide ample guidance for spa and salon services.
Johneil Evans
As a licensed cosmetologist for 20+ years, Johneil enjoys cutting, styling and men's grooming. These and many more experiences serve Atelier students for their future careers.
Lisa Popp
Instructor, School Manager
Lisa grew up in the cosmetology industry with her family’s business and lineage of hairdressers. Knowing the in’s and out’s of the salon, school and independent opportunities, students use her seasoned 20+ years experience daily. Developing student customer service skills and goal making allows students to set themselves apart when they are landing their career in this fast-paced, ever changing industry.
Elizabeth Campbell
Sharing a passion for creativity in the arts (hair, theater and cooking), Elizabeth loves growing with each students' success story. Her ambitions share a professional landscape of salon ownership, brand styling education, bridal artistry and a passion for curly hair! These and many more experiences serve Atelier students for their future careers.
Julie Swenson
Julie has a passion for education and creating connections with students to foster both learning and fun. Her 35+ years of industry experiences have given students the ability to see new perspectives and find their own path for designing and honing their skill for many of the beauty services they want to pursue after graduation.
One of our instructors at the Atelier Academy
Amanda Hansen
Amanda offers students an interactive approach to mastering the many talents of becoming a professional cosmetologist. Instructing in beauty schools for 8+ years, she brings experience from corporate photoshoots and film productions. After all these years, however, her greatest passion is cultivating new professionals in the beauty industry.
Matthew Holmes Martinez
Matthew is a lifelong learner and fondly remember's his years in cosmetology school as a pivotal point in his life. With 15+ years working in the industry, he has a keen eye for mastering cuts. Matthew also shares his business skills to support students as they plan for their education and business pursuits.
Kara Wattunen
Kara is a great resource to our prospective students as a graduate of Atelier Academy. Beyond her insight on the programs and industry, Kara is passionate to foster youth development through outdoor activities and volunteering in the community.

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