More than an Instructor License

I want to be an educator... At the Atelier Academy, our educator program offers real life teacher and student experiences to observe while molding the fundamentals of education. Sharing your knowledge is one of the greatest gifts supporting a students growth and future.


A State-of-the-Art Curriculum...

The reason prospective instructors attend Atelier Academy and want to stay here educating? We offer a superior education.

 We are proud to guide and support educators in the state of Minnesota. Our hands on approach and program allows our educators in training to find new viewpoints, develop curriculum, create in depth conversations with students and fine tune their delivery to become an exceptional instructor.

With our priorities for each student finding their voice, we understand that instructors will do the same. Want to cultivate what they do best and find the wins in education for generations to come. Sharing is our tips and tricks is a way to help foster the educational experience and insight for what the future holds at any institution. Atelier offers the small setting to get your feet wet and find that confidence to teach.

Invest in your career

Instructors of Minnesota must learn the fundamentals of teaching content and manage the classroom to effectively educate students. After this quick 45 hour program, multiple tests are done to ensure that you are able to teach a concept, ask thought provoking questions and keep students engaged.  This on-site program is available to any licensed professional of Minnesota with 2,700 hours of service in a salon the last three years. The program costs $650 and instructors in training are required to purchase the Milady Master Educator textbook.  Flexible payment plans and dates are available. Contact us to learn more!

Price of Program: $650 + cost of textbook

Advanced Skills:

Time Utilization

Learning Styles

Communication Styles

Content Building

Conflict Management

Testing Procedures

What to Expect

Atelier Academy is seeking licensed individuals who are serious about their careers, because we're serious about producing top-of-the-line instructors. Because our student-teacher ratio is low, we work with instructors in training who are driven to work, learn and succeed.

This quick course allows real life feedback and experiences to help promote educational content and assignments preparing the instructor-in-training testing that is both written and practical in delivery.

What days are available for training? That all depends on you! We work to customize the program to fit your needs within our availability.

Instructor Training

Nice to meet you! Want to book a tour? Curious about the program? Let us know which information you are looking for so we can help you best.

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