More than a Hair Technician License

I want to be a hairstylist... Experience a comprehensive journey into hairstyling at the Atelier Academy. Led by passionate instructors, our program offers a blend of theory and hands-on training in cutting, coloring, styling, business, and client communication. We are dedicated to discovering emerging talent and fostering curiosity, skill, and ambition. Unlock your potential with our hair technician program.


A State-of-the-Art Curriculum...

The reason students attend Atelier Academy and the most elite salons hire our graduates? We offer a superior education.

With our industry-leading partners and instructors, and an unmatched student-to-teacher ratio, we are able to graduate hairstylists whom high-end salons are recruiting before they even graduate.

Simply put, students in our hair technician program are immersed in their hair skills and experience. In nine short weeks, Atelier students are on the clinic floor taking multiple appointments a day with real-life clients (under supervision, of course). In less than a 6 months, they are able to graduate and dominate state boards and launch careers in high-end salons.

Class Begins soon!

Upcoming start dates for the hair technician program are:

June 10, 2024
July 29, 2024
September 16, 2024
November 4, 2024

2025 start dates to be announced June 1st

Invest in your career

This new license to MN offers those with a passion for hair to seek out a hairstylist role and land in a top hair salon. We can confidently say we offer a premier education for successful salon careers at an extremely affordable cost with professional-quality kit of styling tools. Flexible payment plans are available. Contact us to learn more!

2024 Tuition: $8,600 +  Kit $1,775

Want More?

Advanced Skills:

Multiple Balayage Methods

Color Corrections

Fantasy, Fashion and Pastel Hair Colors.

Multi-Texture Hair Styling

Specialty Treatment Training

Shear, Razor and Blowout Techniques

Wig/Extension Installation and Styling Methods

Job Search and Interview Skills

What to Expect:

Atelier Academy is seeking students who are serious about their careers, because we're serious about producing top-of-the-line students. Because our student-teacher ratio is low, we work with students who are driven to work, learn and succeed.

Daily life is a mixture of classroom instruction and hands-on training on mannequins, models and real-world clients. Expect individual attention from your instructors, all of your questions answered quickly and thoroughly, and have their teaching methods adjusted to your learning style and speed. At the same time, we recognize that many students learn best when no one is watching, and they will also be able to learn and express creativity through independent exploration.

How much time will be spent in a classroom versus on the floor? How much time will be spent in independent learning versus one-on-one coaching? That all depends on you!

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Hair Technician Program

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Student Quick Picks



Exposure to the trends and the classics of hair design is a part of the daily life at Atelier. It is important to prepare for an ever evolving beauty industry full of change.



Students come from a variety of backgrounds and responsibilities. Our small academy allows us to create unique opportunities for those who have a growing families and limited availability.



Small class sizes allow us to help our students execute the detail that are important to a finishing touch. Every good haircut or color needs and equally impressive blowout or style that suits the hair texture that offers a finished look.



Kits are designed to allow students to find their perfect fit with their own style and organization system with the right tools ready for a successful career.

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