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Prom and Wedding Hair Trends for 2023

With the weather finally warming up and the school year coming to an end, the season of formal hairstyles is upon us. Whether you’re getting ready for your senior prom or walking down the aisle, hair can make or break your look. We’ve compiled some of the best trends for prom and wedding hair in 2023 so you can have the perfect locks to match your look. First we’ll talk about some points to consider when choosing your hairstyle.

Prom and Wedding Hair Tips

Before choosing a hairstyle to rock on your special day, it’s important to keep a couple factors in mind.

Staying Power

Tousled, effortless styles have been a big trend in formal styles for years. Even if you’re after a laid-back look, you still want to make sure it has stability. Dancing and hugging friends and family all night can potentially mess up a hairstyle. To avoid this, make sure to give your ‘do a good shake and let your stylist know if anything feels loose or unstable.

Weather & Comfort

It’s important to consider the temperature and weather conditions on the day of your event. If the sun is hot and the air is humid, you may not want your hair down on your neck or at risk of frizz. If wind or storms are in the forecast, having pieces down near your face may be annoying.

Even if your event takes place exclusively indoors, comfort should still be taken into consideration. Face-framing pieces can be beautiful, but will they bug you when you’re dancing? Will a large updo give you a headache over time? When possible, we recommend scheduling a trial before the day of your event or practicing at home in order to see what feels best for you.

Dress or Outfit Style

We don’t necessarily feel there are hard and fast rules to which hairstyles should go with which formal wear. Any hairstyle can look great with any outfit! What matters is that you like how they look together. Try on your outfit before the event and play with your hair. See whether you like it up or down, half up or to the side, low or high on your head. Once you have a rough idea of where you want your hair to be, you can start researching styles that fit that description.

Prom and Wedding Hair Ideas for 2023

Now that we’ve gone over some things to consider before choosing a style, let’s look at some trendy prom and wedding hair looks for 2023.

Half-Up, Half-Down

For an easy-going look with a touch of formality, opt for a half-up, half-down style. This look can be customized in countless ways. Loose waves and braids can lend to a beachy, boho vibe. Tighter curls or straight, sleek hair gives this style a more classic feel. The half-up, half-down hairstyle is a great way to show off your luscious locks while ensuring it will look put-together all night.

All Piled Up

This style is perfect for those who want to keep their hair off their neck but aren’t feeling the classic “updo bun”. A modern take on classic styles, this updo is achieved by strategically placing and pinning curls in the back and on top of the head. The results can vary between vintage glam and rocker chic, depending on the type of curls used.

Bouncy Blowout

Voluminous blowout on golden brown hair with many layers flipping in all directions. Model is facing right.
Hair by Atelier Student Emma Sinnen, Instagram

Blowouts are back! (Did they ever really leave?) Pump up the volume and let your layers shine with a big, bouncy blowout. Depending on the length and style, this look is created by blow drying towel-dried hair with one of a variety of round brushes. Setting the sections with clips or rollers can enhance the volume and extend the life of your blowout. However, be cautious; blowouts can weaken or flatten out in rain or humidity.

Low Pony

While a low ponytail may seem simple, there are many ways to add personal flare for an unfussy style. Wear it sleek to keep it formal and classic. Tousle it up or add twists or braids for some textural interest. No matter what way you style it, a ponytail is a great way to keep hair secure and off your neck during a fun evening.

Whimsical Waves

Loosely waved blonde hair that falls to mid-back. Model is looking over her left shoulder.
Hair by Atelier Student Rachel Welch, Instagram

If bobby pins and hair ties aren’t your thing, you can still enhance your natural hair with lush waves. Changing the direction and size of your waves will change the look, so there are plenty of customization options available. Pump up the volume with your natural hair, or consider extensions to provide a fuller effect.

Short Hair Styling

Short hair can seem like a challenge when it comes to formal styles. In reality, there are many things you can do with short hair for special occasions. One of the easiest ways to create an updo with a short hairdo is by pinning or tying only the top half up. Small details like braids and twists can enhance this style by adding fun accents.

Something Totally Different

With the massive return of 90s and early 2000s styles, elaborate, nontraditional hairstyles are back in a big way. Trendsetters, showstoppers, and nonconformists alike can rock hairstyles that will be the main event at any occasion. Accessories like hair elastics, clips, and headbands are a great way to add individuality to any style.

Special Occasion Hair Appointments at the Atelier Academy

No matter what the occasion, students at the Atelier Academy of Beauty will help you find a style that fits your needs and preferences. Book an appointment today with a student on the Guest Services Page of our website. We look forward to helping you look your best on your special day!

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