What is Brow Lamination? The New Trend in Eyebrow Care

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Has anything received more spotlight in the last 10 years than eyebrows? From waxing and threading to pomades and microblading, the world of eyebrow shaping is seemingly endless. Now there’s a new trend on the scene: brow lamination. This new buzzword has everyone asking, “What is brow lamination?”

Inspired by fluffy “model brows” and “soap brows”, brow lamination aims to add volume to unruly eyebrows for weeks at a time.  You may ask yourself, “is brow lamination right for me?” Let’s break down this new trend and find out.

What is Brow Lamination?

Brow lamination involves the use of a gentle wave lotion that is actually similar to a mild perming solution in order to relax and redirect the hairs into an upward position.  This results in brows that are easier to tame and have a fuller, fluffier appearance.

The Process

  1. When you come in for an appointment, your technician will start by cleansing the brow area.
  2. They will then comb the brows into the desired shape and apply the wave lotion to the hairs.  This lotion works by breaking the bonds in your brow hairs so that they can be reshaped.
  3. Your technician will then apply plastic wrap over your brows in order to help hold the new shape and trap heat from your skin which assists in the chemical process.  
  4. After a couple minutes, they will remove the wave lotion and apply a neutralizer which will be placed under plastic wrap again.  Neutralizer acts to reform the hair bonds, locking them into the new, desired shape.
  5. If desired, the technician may then perform an add on service such as a tint or eyebrow shaping to complete the service.

You can expect your new, fluffier brows to last for about 6 weeks with proper care.

Brow lamination before and after by Atelier student Meghan Dick
Brows by Atelier student Meghan Dick, Instagram

What is the after care for brow lamination?

The way you care for your brows after a lamination is extremely important and can affect the desired result. Much like a traditional perm for hair, the 24-72 hours after your service are most important. Within this time, the product continues to set and stabilize. Messing with your brows during this window may reduce the efficacy and longevity of your lamination.

We have a full list of aftercare instructions on our Guest Services page. Some of these include avoiding water and sweating for the first 24 hours and being careful not to rub and disturb your brows. It’s important to plan accordingly before your lamination service to make sure you can adequately care for your brows in the 24-72 hours after your service.

Who can benefit from brow lamination?

While almost all brow types can benefit from brow lamination, it may affect hair textures differently.  Fine eyebrows may appear thicker and fuller after a brown lamination.  Course, unruly brows can be easier to tame and groom.

How to prepare for brow lamination

Although the products used are gentle and designed for the face, consideration should still be taken in regards to using a chemical. Avoid exfoliants like Retinol or AHAs for at least 48 hours before your service. If you have sensitive skin or have reacted to products before (such as hair dye), it’s a good idea to let your technician know at the time of booking so they can schedule extra time for a patch test.

Inform your technician if you have a history of skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema, have any current eye conditions, or currently have a sunburn.  They will then be able to assess and determine whether or not you should continue with the service on that day or reschedule for a future time.

It is also recommended, but not required, to avoid tweezing or waxing your brows ahead of your service. This allows the lamination to cover all hairs and avoid competing new growth.  Brow shaping can be done after your lamination service by your technician.  If you have tinted your brows within the 4 weeks before you eyebrow lamination service, the color may fade. Elect to tint your brows after your lamination service for longer lasting color.

Add-on Services

Brow Tinting

Adding additional services to your appointment can accentuate your brows even more. Brow tinting is a common add-on after a brow lamination. It involves adding a special tint to brow hairs in order to darken or define them. 

Brow Shaping

Another common add-on involves shaping the brow by waxing, tweezing or threading. Removing stray hairs around the eyebrows provides definition and can be customized to best suit your face. 

Brow wax and tint before and after by Morgan Gunderson
Brows by Atelier student Morgan Gunderson, Instagram

Where can I get brow lamination?

Our students at the Atelier Academy are now taking guests for brow lamination! If you want to try the latest trend in eyebrows, we have you covered.  Our students will carefully take you through the process of brow lamination to give you the fluffy, full looking brows you’re after. 

If you’d like to have the complete brow package, our students also offer eyebrow waxing and tinting services to make your new laminated brows pop! Book an appointment by visiting our Guest Services page. We offer online and over-the-phone booking.

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