Nail Trends to Try this Holiday Season

The holidays are officially upon us! Parties, gatherings, and feasts are on the calendar for the rest of the month.  With only a couple of days to go, it’s time to get your holiday manicure!  If you’re looking for something festive and unique to give your holiday look and extra pop, these holiday nail trends will give you extra flair through the end of the year.

Dark Matte

To give a unique spin on an old classic, try adding a matte top coat to your winter darks. 

Reds, emeralds, and sapphires lend to holiday and winter shades, but plums, browns, and even black can give your mani a fun elegance. 

Hands with matte black holiday nails hold smart phone

Glittery Glam

For a manicure that will go with your holiday and New Years outfits, look no further than full glittery glam.  A show stopping look, full glitter will surely make a bold statement. 

Gold and silver give a classic shine, but glitter in any color will give your nails a festive flair. 

Glittery holiday nails shining in the light
Nails by Atelier Academy student, Valen Schmidt, Instagram

Gold Flecking 

What a better time to shine than the winter holidays!  If you like a little sparkle but don’t want the flashiness of full glitter, try adding gold accents.  

Let your manicure shine in the light while keeping it subtle and understated.

Holiday nails with gold polka-dots on the middle and ring finger

Winter White

Who says you can’t rock white after labor day? White is a bold color that goes with just about anything.  Plus it gives a little nod to white winter flurries outdoors. 

If you have multiple events planned with a variety of outfits, white is a great way to complement them all. 

Person with solid white holiday nails applies lotion to their hands

Colored French

A fun new twist on a classic, adding color to a French tip gives extra detail to your holiday nails.  

The French manicure will never go out of style.  Rather, it can be reinvented with pops of color to match your mood or holiday style.  

If you typically stick to a classic manicure, give colored French tips a try for an elegant but playful look. 

Person shows of their French manicure with red tips instead of white

Holiday Nail Art

For the fun loving and adventurous, nail art is a sure way to let your manicure do the talking this holiday season.  Intricate two dimensional designs and 3d nail accessories are a fun trend for this holiday season.

Want to try nail art but prefer something simpler?  Try a geometric design or an accent nail to bring life to your holiday manicure.

Person hold a candle with yarn knit on the outside and shows off red holiday nail art that features reindeer, sweater prints, and polka dots

Tiger Eye

What says elegance more than a manicure named after a gemstone? 

While there are many hacks out there for a tiger eye manicure, traditionally they are made with a metallic nail polish and a magnet. Watch a video of how this is done here.

Sport little jewels on your nails this season with this trendy, lustrous look.

Person holds red and red plaid mug and shows off their green tiger eye nails

Whether you go for a show stopping, bold manicure or a subtle, classic shade, our students at the Atelier Academy of Beauty can give you just what you’re looking for this holiday season. Check out the services we offer here and book an appointment online.

If you’ve tried some of these nail creations yourself and you’d like to turn your hobby into a career, we offer a specialized nail program for future nail technicians. Find more information, ask us questions, and schedule a tour to see our school on our programs page.

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