6 Signs You Should Join the Beauty Industry

The beauty industry is an ever-growing field where many people find their niche.  While some people know they were born to work in beauty, there are many personalities that can also thrive in this trade.  Have you ever wondered if a career in beauty could be right for you? Here are 6 signs that you should join the beauty industry.

You love trying beauty services on yourself and others

Do you spend your free time googling and trying the newest nail design techniques?

 Have you ever begged your sibling to let you tweeze their eyebrows?

 Are you the friend that everyone calls to get their hair done for prom?

 Have you tried every weird contouring method on Tik Tok? 

Is your significant other sick of you ogling and extracting their blackheads?

 Have you accidentally dyed your bathtub blue after coloring your hair at midnight?

Woman in a hijab holds mirror and applies mascara

If you said “yes” to any of these questions, you definitely have a passion for beauty!  This one is obvious, but people who already experiment with beauty techniques at home are apt to thrive in the beauty industry.  

Turning a hobby into a career can be a great way to find a job that you’re passionate about and get excited about your work every day.  

An added bonus is that you’ll get to learn the science behind your favorite products and techniques. You’ll also earn a broader understanding of beauty as a whole.

You keep up on current styles and trends

Trend chasers, Instagram mavens, and the Vogue obsessed can all thrive in the beauty industry.  Knowing and staying on top of the current trends is an excellent asset to have in the profession.  

Beauty, like fashion, continually goes in and out of trends.  With trends changing faster than ever, those who can stay ahead of the curve will always have fresh ideas to present to their clients. 

Hair stylist pins curls of a brunette client

Having a unique style of your own can also give you an advantage.  

Many clients look to their hair stylist, nail technician, makeup artist, or skin care specialist for the newest, hottest styles.  Additionally, rocking your personal look can attract clients to you who want what you have.  

This can also set you apart from other beauty providers by giving your work a personal brand.  No matter what style you rock, you are viable to join the beauty industry.

You’re a people person

It’s no secret that the beauty industry is all about working with people.  

From the latest celebrity gossip to deep, interpersonal “therapy” sessions, beauty providers hear it all.  Thus, it helps to have a love of working with people.  Being a people person can give you a leg up in an industry where connection, personalization, and relationships are of the utmost importance. 

Nail technician tends to nails of a client

But don’t panic just yet, introverts! 

 Even if you’re a little on the shy side or can’t think of any small talk, there’s still room for you to join the beauty industry. 

 Many clients actually prefer a quiet service.  It gives them time to unwind from a busy day and take some time for themselves.  Some salons even have “quiet rooms” where clients and service providers can be away from the busy hubbub of the salon floor. 

So even if you like people but would rather sit in comfortable silence, you can still find your clientele. 

You’re artistic 

For an artistic career that goes beyond the canvas, look no further than the beauty industry. 

In lieu of floor to ceiling art installations or gallery openings, beauty providers showcase their art every day on a number of clients.  

It’s imperative to have an artistic side in the beauty industry. Providers are constantly working with colors, shapes, angles, features, and different materials. 

Hair stylist applies blue hair color to dark, curly hair

Typically a fan of 2D mediums like drawing and painting?  Nail design and makeup artistry might be for you. 

More of a 3D sculptor? Hair cutting and acrylic sculpting could be right up your alley. 

Do you prefer to work with textiles or different and unique materials?  Hair coloring and eyelash extensions could be your fit. 

Whatever you do, there are undoubtedly countless ways to translate art into the world of beauty.

You want to help people 

There are many careers where you can take care of and help people thrive. 

The beauty industry is no exception. 

 Thus, if you are a caring, compassionate person who is interested in making people feel their best, a profession in beauty may be right for you. 

Beauty providers take the time to care for and nurture their clients.  While a fresh color or a shiny manicure can do wonders to boost someone’s self esteem, providers can help people in even deeper capacities. 

Barber examines and trims a client's beard

Like previously mentioned, there is lots of time to talk and connect while receiving a beauty service.  Whether or not you can offer good advice, the act of listening can greatly help people feel heard and validated and help them release stress.  

Another physiological way beauty providers help people is through touch.  This article in Psychology Today examines the scientific importance of human touch on our emotions, brain chemicals, and body system regulation. 

The beauty and wellness industries are among the only fields that provide close contact with people.

You’re entrepreneurial 

If you’ve got a drive for business and you strive to be your own boss, look no further than the beauty industry.  There is a growing number of opportunities for beauty providers to be self employed.

 A report performed by the Professional Beauty Association in 2020 states that 29% of all individuals in personal appearance occupations are self-employed.  In comparison, only 6% of the overall U.S. workforce is self-employed. That’s a huge margin! 

Eyelash technician places and eyelash extension on top of client's eyelashes

Even if you choose to work for an employer, there are plenty of ways to flex your business savvy muscles.  

Beauty providers are often paid at least partially in commission.  Therefore, every additional service you can add on and every product you sell puts money directly in your pocket. 

This is a prime industry for those who want to benefit directly from the work they put in. 

How to Join the Beauty Industry

The beauty industry has a wide variety of personalities, opportunities, and niches. 

There is no stereotype for the perfect beauty provider. There are roles to fill many diverse areas.  

Nevertheless, if one or more of these personality traits sound a lot like you, it might be worth your time to give the beauty industry a try. 

To start, check out the Programs page on our website. There you can browse the different courses that we offer and view details about what it looks like to be enrolled at the Atelier Academy of Beauty.  

Once you find a program or two that seems like your fit, head to our Contact page where you can leave us a message requesting any additional information. 

If you’d like to come visit and see our space, shoot us a message requesting a tour and we’ll schedule a time that works for you.

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