A lash technician picks up lashes to apply to client laying on the table under a ring light

Benefits of Being a Lash Extension Technician

While eyelash extensions are no longer the new trend on the scene, their popularity is stronger than ever.  A versatile beauty service, lash extensions can be used to accentuate natural eyelashes, draw attention to the wearer’s eyes, and cut time in the morning for a wake-up-and-go routine. The lash technician has become the new beauty care bestie of millions of people all over the country. 

What’s more, artists are finding their niche in this booming business.  For those who are wondering whether it’s worth it to pick up the tweezers, here a just some of the benefits of being a lash technician: 

A Growing Industry

Not even the pandemic or inflation could stop the growth of eyelash extensions.  According to Transparency Market Research, there are a number of factors that have kept this business building.  Though trends come and go, long, lush lashes never go out of style. This is especially relevant when it comes to special events like weddings, gatherings, and fashion shows.

Even for day-to-day wear, permanent and semi-permanent beauty services are becoming more accepted and requested in society. Clients are drawn to eyelash extensions specifically for their ease of application and long-time wear. 

An eyelash technician carefully applies eyelashes to client's eye.

Social media is another giant driving the success of eyelash extensions. It’s no secret that influencers are a large propellant for beauty trends today.  In fact, social media has helped widen the age range of clients who are seeking lash extensions.  While the main target market used to be women in their 20s and 30s, older populations now seek them out as well, further expanding their popularity. 

Verified Market Research reports that the lash extension market size was valued at $1.36 billion in 2020 and projected to reach $2.31 billion by 2028.  Therefore, there is no sign this industry is slowing down any time soon. 

You Can Be Your Own Boss

For many a lash technician, going into business for themselves is a reachable goal.  As we’ve reported in a previous post, 29% of all individuals in personal appearance occupations in the US are self-employed (compared to the 6% of the overall US workforce). For lash technicians, this number is predicted to be even higher, citing a survey that suggested up to 70% of technicians globally are self-employed. 

One reason for this could be because the supplies and space needed for eyelash extensions are small compared to other services. With an additional salon license, it’s even possible to work out of your own home.

Tweezers and cotton under eye pads used for completing eyelash extensions

While it may be wise to start your career inside an established salon or lash studio in order to build a clientele, it’s not mandatory.  If you’re savvy at advertising yourself and can establish yourself in a community, self-employment right out of school is at your fingertips.  Social media comes in handy again for creating an online portfolio of your work and attracting clients to your sprouting business. 

A Flexible Schedule 

While flexibility is a perk of many jobs inside the beauty industry, none more than a lash technician. Creating your own hours and schedule can be done from the very start.  If you’re a morning person,  you can catch clients before they go into work.  If you’re more of a night owl, after-work appointments are lucrative.  There is even room for a split schedule if you’d like to take an afternoon siesta or pick up kids from school. 

A lash technician wearing gloves picks out individual lashes from a pack of extensions

This career also lends well to flexibility between part time and full time.  Some people take on eyelash extensions as a part time job for a supplemental income, picking up hours after work or on the weekends.  Others may find they’re obsessed with the craft and apply lash sets for a full 40 hours.

No matter what your lifestyle needs, lash extensions can work around them.

Fast Schooling

If you’re looking for a career that is quick and easy to get into, eyelash extensions are your jam.  While many states require lash technicians to acquire either an esthiology or cosmetology  license,  Minnesota offers an individual eyelash extension license.

This license requires only 38 hours of schooling.  After finishing the course, prospective eyelash technicians will take a hands-on practical test and a test on theory and MN laws and rules before applying for their license.  

An eyelash technician checks their work on a client laying on the table

After licensure, many technicians will seek out continuing education for more advanced techniques such as volume and hybrid lashes.  These courses are typically between 4-8 hours.  This still puts total education time at under 60 hours for a compelling career. 

At the Atelier Academy, our eyelash extension program provides even more flexibility.  The first 24 hours are offered online and can be completed any time of day, on your schedule.  The next 14 hours are conducted in person and walk students through the practical application and removal of eyelashes. 

Power Over Your Earning Potential  

We’ve been told time and time again about the frustration of working a job where the amount of work does not directly correlate with the amount of income.  With eyelash extensions, your hustle corresponds directly with the money you take home.

A pair of hands show off tweezers and a strip of eyelashes used for applying eyelash extensions

Every client who comes through the door equals money in your pocket.  Making incremental changes like attracting more clients, increasing your speed, and selling retail can up your income exponentially.  For those who are self motivated, there is no limit to the salary you can make.

 Job Satisfaction

The beauty industry has many grounds for job satisfaction. A global survey from 2016 cites 80% of lash technicians were “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with their job.  Some of the topics we have discussed above can account for this.  

An  eyelash extension technician brushes through a client's eyelashes with a spoolie

Other satisfying factors include the ability to help people feel their best, forming relationships at work, working with like-minded people, and having a job that feels meaningful and can make a difference. Aside from personal connection, eyelash extensions are a form of artistry and can fulfill a person’s creative side.  It is also satisfying seeing the product of your labor and the transformation it causes.

How to Become a Lash Technician

If the benefits in this article are too good to pass up, it’s time to start your journey to becoming a lash technician.  At the Atelier Academy of Beauty in Hopkins, we offer an eyelash extension course starting every month.

To get started, check out our Eyelash Extension Certification page.  There you can read more about what to expect in this program and download an application.  If you have additional questions, we’d love to hear from you! Head to our Contact page and send us a message.

We look forward to helping you start your journey as a certified eyelash extension technician.

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