Buff and Shine Manicure- The Best Nail Trend You’ve Never Heard Of

A hand full of silver rings rests on red fabric and displays a buff and shine manicure

In the ever-evolving realm of nail care, a trend has lived under the radar for years. Let us introduce you to the buff and shine manicure.

Unlike colorful and intricate designs, this minimalist approach focuses on enhancing your natural nails with a glossy finish. Using precise buffing techniques and quality products, these manicures not only boost aesthetics but also promote nail health.

Join us as we explore the techniques, benefits, and rising popularity of this simple yet chic trend in modern nail care.

A fist displaying natural, shiny nails

What is a buff and shine?

Buff and shine” typically refers to a process used in the context of nail care. It involves buffing the nails to create a smooth and shiny surface without applying nail polish. 

Here’s a breakdown of the steps involved:

Buffing: Buffing is the process of smoothing the surface of the nails using a buffing block or nail buffer. Buffing helps remove ridges, uneven surfaces, and any imperfections on the nail plate. It creates a clean and polished appearance.

Shining: After buffing, the nails are further polished to enhance their shine. This can be done using a nail buffer or a chamois buffer. The shining process adds a glossy finish to the nails, giving them a natural and healthy look.

A manicurist files a client's nails

Who is a good candidate?

Individuals who prefer a simple and natural appearance for their nails without the use of nail polish should go for the buff and shine manicure. It’s a quick and easy way to enhance the natural beauty of the nails while maintaining a well-groomed and polished look. 

How long does a buff and shine manicure last?

The longevity of a buff and shine manicure can vary depending on factors such as your daily activities, nail care routine, and the products used. On average, a buff and shine manicure can last anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks.

Keep in mind that everyone’s nails are different, and individual experiences may vary depending on wear and tear, nail growth speed, and daily care among other factors.

Hands folded over each other, showing off shiny, natural nails

Where can I get a buff and shine manicure?

Our students at the Atelier Academy of Beauty are trained in a variety of nail techniques including buff and shines.  Overseen by our expert instructors, Atelier students will refine your natural nails to the best they’ve ever looked.  Book an appointment online or give us a call at 952-283-2770.

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