A New Career DURING A Pandemic

Steps to Change Careers in a Pandemic

Are you ready to start your new career?

Time for Self Reflection

Quarantined for weeks with no notable interaction with friends or family has created a lot of time for self-reflection and improvement. Life has changed in ways we never thought possible. You may have started to considered a career change. But is a pandemic education something you are prepared for?

You may have found yourself with plenty of time on your hands to explore the possibilities of a new career or seeking a future in a new industry. Google searches for jobs with fast cash or quick education can lead to a new side hustle. Learning new skills is both healthy and lucrative when experiencing downtime and planning a new future. Believe it or not, some of those dreams of having a side hustle can become your main source of income. 

If the question of, “should I go back to school?” has ever crossed your mind, you recognize  that your current job isn’t filling your life satisfaction bucket. Now it is a matter of asking yourself the question of “when can I go back to school?” in the middle of a pandemic.

A Promising Career

Starting a new career during a pandemic is a feasible option. There are lots of uncertainties surrounding what the near future may look like. However, one thing that we learned during a mandated lock down is that people greatly value their personal care needs.  The need for cosmetologists, lash artists and nail technicians is still very much growing. This is proven by both the demand for time by those individuals in the industry and the requests from local salons seeking to hire recent graduates.

Finding A Cosmetology School Nearby

Once you have determined this is the industry for your new passion to be of service to guests doing hair, nails and skin, you need to make the effort to locate a school that will support your education goals. Your goals may not always align with your needs. For example, you may want to complete the program as quickly as possible, but you have personal scheduling limitations or financial constraints. If you recognize those items prior to beginning your search, it will help you identify the school that is the best fit.

Education During a Pandemic

Here at Atelier Academy of Beauty we have continued to start and grow new stylists, nail technicians and eyelash technicians.  We are just finally getting back to taking guests at our student salon. In the meantime, we have spent the last few months perfecting our technical skills and diving deeper into the curriculum. There is a sense of renewed excitement as we bring the public back into our school for services. 

We are grateful for the new protocols that allow us to continue to practice our skills. Our students and staff are wearing masks, taking touchless temperatures, and using face shields for specific services.

Our school adheres to COVID guidelines from the CDC and the Minnesota Department of Health.

Life After School

Our upcoming graduates are seeing excellent placement into salons even before their completion date.  We are excited to have new and prospective students join us.  If you are still unsure about which program is the right fit, please send us an email here or call us here.

Be safe and be well,

The Atelier Academy of Beauty Staff

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