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Supporting a Student in Cosmetology School

When cosmetology students’ friends and family ask  “what is cosmetology school like?” and “how do you learn at your school?” – these questions create opportunities for a student to promote their future career and gain some support! Questions like these show interest and support to a student in cosmetology school. Cosmetology school is a time to build skills, learn safe practices when working with the general public and practice growing relationships with other students, guests and staff.

For those families and friends that want to give their favorite cosmetology student the best experience ever… we have 5 easy ways to actively support their student, friend, or family member in cosmetology school.

Visit them!

Get a service done. Students learn best with hands-on experience.  It can be very intimidating their first few days on the salon floor.  Seeing a familiar face can be very calming to the nerves when getting the hang of things.  It is important to note that there are a lot of different services a cosmetologist offers beyond hair cutting and coloring.  Students are happy to offer manicures, pedicures, facials, waxing and much more. 

You can browse our services and book and appointment with your student at our Guest Services page.

Follow their Social Media Pages

Actively engage with them on their Facebook and Instagram.  Ways you can do this are following, sharing, liking and commenting on posts they make.  The more you do, the more exposure they will experience. Subsequently, this will be the first stepping stones to your student building a clientele.

We also post student work on our Facebook and Instagram. Give us a follow to support your Atelier student.


Send your friends! The greatest compliment you can give your student is a referral. Ask for business cards that you can hand out to coworkers and friends.  Another way to shout your support is to review them on their beauty page or on the school’s google review page.  When they are graduated and in a salon environment, it will be important to also review them on the salon’s page!

 Keep your ears open for Job Opportunities.

Help them network. Do you have connections in the area? If so, talk to them about your cosmetologist in training! The job market is very hot right now. Even if you don’t know anyone personally, you never know who you may run into.  

Wear their Flair.

Be a walking business card. If you are able, get your hands on school gear. This could be as simple as a button, key chain or a t-shirt.  Doing this will give people the opportunity to ask you what it’s about. Then you can talk up your future student!

Atelier Academy is proud to offer extra support to students by providing them business cards, shout-outs on social media and creating special service offers in order to make services more accessible within the community. Atelier Academy has a robust job board that is updated continuously with unique job opportunities in the Twin Cities and greater Minnesota.  Want some flair? We have you covered! Atelier t-shirts and pins are available for purchase within our academy. Thank you for taking the time to share your support to the students within this industry . Your efforts are such a gift to emerging professionals in the cosmetology industry.

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