Minnesota’s New Hair Technician License: What You Need to Know

For the first time in Minnesota, individuals will be able to pursue a license that allows them to perform hair services, without the addition of nails, skin, and eyelash extensions.

Here’s what you need to know about Minnesota’s new hair technician license.

What Does the Hair Technician License Cover?

Unlike the cosmetology license which covers hair, skin, nails, and eyelash extensions, the hair technician license exclusively encompasses hair and hair related skills. 

Hair technician services include cutting, coloring with dyes and bleach, applying chemicals such as perm or relaxer, and any other methods to color or change the structure of the hair.

Required Training for the Hair Technician License

Minnesota’s new hair technician license requires 900 hours of education at a licensed cosmetology school. [1]

Hair Technician
900 Hour Training

300 Hours
Anatomy, disorders and disease, chemistry, electricity, safety and sanitation, laws and regulations

300 Hours
Hair Cutting, styling, scalp cleaning and conditioning, drying, heat styling, and arranging

300 Hours
Hair coloring, bleaching, keratin, permanent curling and straightening, color formulation, and chemical safety

Atelier Academy of Beauty, Minnesota
Source: MN Board of Cosmetology 2023 Legislative Update

Once the 900 hours are complete, individuals must take the practical exam and written exams in order to achieve licensure. 

When Does the Hair Technician License Start in Minnesota?

Hair technician licenses can officially be issued starting July 1, 2024. [1]

However, individuals can start their training at participating programs immediately

Things to Consider

There are a couple of things to consider before pursuing a hair technician license.

Not all states offer this license

While Minnesota is opening up an a la carte system for their cosmetology licenses, not all states have this option. For this reason, you may not be able to transfer your license between certain states or may have to take additional education hours.

States that currently have a hair technician license or similar include Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Maine, Maryland, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

States that offer a Hair Technician or Hair Stylist license*
*as of July 2024

Atelier Academy of Beauty, Minnesota

This license is not the same as a hairstyling license

In Minnesota, “hairstyling” is considered the practice of cleaning, drying, arranging, or styling hair, including extensions and wigs. It does not include cutting, coloring, bleaching, or using chemicals on hair. [2]

Those practicing “hairstyling” only need to complete 4 hours of education in health, safety, and infection control in order to operate legally. [2]

The hair technician license differs from the “hairstyling” license as hair technicians may perform cutting, coloring, bleaching, and chemical services.

You can hold multiple licenses

If you have multiple interests in the cosmetology industry, you can hold multiple licenses.

For example, if you want to work with hair and nails, you could get a hair license and a nail license.

This can reduce your time spent in school instead of investing in the full 1550 hour cosmetology program.

However, if you have licenses in multiple fields of practice, you will have to pay to have both licenses renewed during the renewal period every 3 years.

How Can I Get My Hair Technician License in Minnesota?

The first step in achieving your hair technician license is to enroll at a licensed cosmetology school that offers a hair technician program.

The Atelier Academy of Beauty is excited to announce our new hair technician program.  This 900 hour program combines online and in-person learning to create well-rounded students who are confident in their skills and ready to start their careers.

Hair Technician Program Outline

Starting School: Kit

Phase 1
137 Hours Online & 163 Hours In-Person
(For a total of) 300 Hours
Fundamentals of Hair, Color, Cut, Perms, Relaxers, Styling

Phase 2
Clinic Floor & Skill Workshops
300 Hours
Guest Services, Advanced Skills for Cutting, Color, and Texture

Phase 3
Clinic Floor & Testing
300 Hours
Guest Services, Testing, Prep Workshops, Practical Skills Testing


The Atelier Academy of Beauty, Minnesota

Online portions of the program can be completed from the comfort of your home.  In-person segments provide hands-on education with our expert instructors to learn the skills you need to master all things hair.

The first step to start your hair technician journey at the Atelier Academy is to apply.  

Want to visit our school to see our learning environment first-hand and get additional details about our program? Contact us to set up a tour.

We can’t wait to accompany you on your journey to becoming a hair technician!


1. MN Board of Cosmetology. 2023 Legislative Updates.
2. 2023 Minnesota Statutes. Chapter 155A. Cosmetology.

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